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Aporocactus Flagelliformis ~ Disocactus Flagelliformis ~ Stunning Rat Tail Cactus ~ Pink Flowers ~ 5 Seeds ~

Aporocactus Flagelliformis is a slender, much-branched at base, creeping or epiphytic cactus cultivated as a houseplant for nearly 300 years. It one of the most popular of cacti for its ubiquity in modern collections and home use. The 'Rat's Tail' is also very free-flowering, and its long, slender stems bear multitudes of crimson-pink blooms and makes a good hanging plant. A larger specimen can be quite impressive, tumbling out of a pot, suggesting a waterfall. It is said that it deserves first place among the Cacti of easy culture. Flowers - Diurnal, borne laterally, red to purplish-pink usually 5-8(-10) cm long, 2,5-4(-7,5) cm wide, double-sided, symmetrical (zygomorphic) instead of perfectly regular and similar to that of the Christmas cactus Zygocactus truncatus), limb bilaterally symmetric, upcurved and slightly oblique, open for 3-5 days, scentless. Pericarpel almost straight greenish with acute bracteoles; receptacle 3 cm, long, curved just above pericarpel, bracteoles, brownish, acute; outer tepals linear-lanceolate, ± reflexed, 2-3 cm long, 6 mm wide, crimson; inner tepals narrowly oblong, to 10 mm wide, crimson, sometimes passing to pink along the margins; stamens white to pale pink, erect, excerted; style stigma lobes 5-7, white
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