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Abies Balsamea * Balsam Fir * Christmas Tree * Bonsai Conifer Tree * 10 Rare Seeds *

Abies balsamea is commonly known as Balsam Fir. It is a species of trees of the family Pinaceae. The Balsam Fir is native to North America. It reaches 15 to 20 m height and its trunk diameter can reach more than 60 cm. Its cones measures 5 to 10 cm. They stand vertically on the branches. The needles are flat and fragrant. As this tree acts as a windbreaker, it allows the existence of local microclimates that enables the implementation of faune. The seeds are a useful food in winter for birds and small mammals. Prefers full sun to light shade and acid, moist soil. The balsam fir has long been a popular choice for Christmas trees in eastern North America, and is widely farmed for that purpose. It has been a popular selection for the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree, being used 6 times (as of 2017) since the tradition began in 1964. Commercially, the species is also used for pulpwood and yields the oleoresin known as Canada balsam. Hardiness zone: 3-7

10 Seeds

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