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Acer Rubrum * Red Maple * Ornamental Bonsai Tree * Rare * 10 Seeds

Acer rubrum is commonly known as the Red maple, and also called Swamp Maple, is widespread, from Southeast Manitoba, East to Newfoundland, to South Florida and Eastern Texas. In nature, it is a tree to 90 feet, usually smaller. It tolerates ozone and is somewhat tolerant of sulfer dioxide, making it a good tree for urban areas. Great bonsai specimen. Young trees are often pyramidal or elliptical and are fast growers with strong wood. Older trees develop ascending branches, resulting in an ovoid or rounded crown. The bark of Acer rubrum is tender and scars easily. The leaves are opposite, 2 to 4 inches, quite variable in shape, 3-5 lobed; dullish green, with usually reddish leafstalk. They turn brilliant red in Fall. The flowers are small, showy, red and begin to bloom in late Winter or early Spring and bloom through March. The fruits or seeds are also red, and are winged. They occur in great profusion in late Spring and early Summer. Hardiness zones 4-9, (-32°C/-25°F,-5°C/25°F) in Winter. Grow in full sun to part shade. In nature, it grows near stream and pond banks, mesic forests, swamps and sometimes drier uplands. Being a wetland tree by preference, the Red maple will survive in, and may even prefer, a heavier, more water-retaining soil than other maples. Do not keep Red maples in water except during the hottest part of the Summer, above 95°F. Water copiously during the warm months, especially if the soil does not hold water. In hot climates keeping the tree in a shallow tray of water may be necessary. They will, do quite well in a normal bonsai soil. Fertilize weekly, beginning in early Spring; bi-weekly in Fall until leaves begin to turn. Use a well-balanced fertilizer (10-10-10).

10 Seeds 

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