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Acnistus Australis * Iochroma Blue * Mini Angel's Trumpet * 10 Seeds *

This beautiful rare plant is a great asset to a garden. Becoming a small tree. it's lovely to sit under & admire the true blue, bell-shaped flowers. The flowers are 2-3" long & bloom for an extended period. They look like miniature Brugmansia flowers. Native to Argentina, it is evergreen & likes sun to part sun & average water. It grows as a large multi-stemmed shrub or small tree to 10'. Good in container. Hummingbirds love the flowers. It is a rare treat for any garden enthusiast, Acnistus australis 'Blue Angel's Trumpet' will give you a magnificent display of true blue trumpet shaped flowers during the summer. This tender, semi evergreen shrub is best suited to a conservatory or sunny patio as it will need to be brought in over the winter to protect it from frosts, but whilst it is in season it is certainly an impressive impact plant. The 2 - 3 inch (5 - 8 cm) blooms are produced in abundance and hang along the entire length of the branches, standing out beautifully against the dark green foliage. Stand a pot at the back of a flower border too and let it become the backdrop for your summer display. Height: 350cm (118"). Spread: 350cm (118")




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