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Actinidia Arguta * Hardy Kiwi * Sweet Fruit * 30 Rare Seeds *

Actinidia arguta (hardy kiwi) is a perennial vine native to Japan, Korea, Northern China, and Russian Siberia. It produces a small fruit resembling the kiwifruit. Most kiwifruit plants are either male or female: only the females produce berries, while the males supply the pollen. The smooth-skinned berries of the cold-hardy species are typically an emerald green, though you might find varieties with reddish skin and flesh. The berry shape can vary from round to elongate. Grown for its attractive foliage and edible fruit, Actinidia Arguta Issai Hardy Kiwi Vine is compact Deciduous climber that produces grap sized smooth skinned green fruits in late summer to early fall. While they are small than grocery store varieties they are slightly sweeter and enjoy excellent flavor. This kiwi cultivar is self-pollinating and does not need a companion to produce fruit. Pleasantly scented flowers are borne during early summer. They are not particularly showy since they are often hidden by the foliage or broad-ovate deep green leaves. Fast-growing, this Kiwi Vine requires much less pruning than the species due to its limited growth habit. Tolerant of heat, humidity and disease resistant, it is a rewarding plant with handsome foliage all summer long, delicious fruits and no serious pest issues. Grow in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Planting in infertile soil may temper somewhat rapid growth habit. Needs frequent pruning, including an annual winter pruning of each stem back to 8-10 buds and an annual summer pruning of excessively long shoots.


30 Seeds 

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