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Adenium Arabicum * Impala Lily * Amazing Caudex Succulent * Rare 4 Seeds *

Easy to grow, fast growing to 3m tall, pachycaul stems and a stout, swollen basal caudex. Leathery green leaves, flowers red to pinkish. Adenium Arabicum is the best known of the South African adeniums. It flowers in winter when most of the surrounding vegetation is rather dull by comparison to the brilliant white, pink, crimson, red and bicoloured flowers that cover these plants when they are in full bloom. The flowers are borne in terminal inflorescences, each flower 50-70 mm in diameter. They vary greatly in colour, usually with pointed white lobes, crinkly red margins and red stripes in the throat. Plants with pure white flowers are occasionally found. The flowers are sweetly scented. Flowering occurs from May to September. The fruit usually consists of paired, cylindrical follicles up to 240 mm long. The seeds are brown with a tuft of silky hairs. The impala lily is on the Red Data lists of Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe where it is regarded as threatened. Adenium Arabicum grows well in warm, well-drained situations where the soil is sandy. In the garden they are not plants for cold or damp areas. They are ideal subjects for a dry rockery, giving a warm colourful display of bright flowers in winter. As container plants they may be kept in cooler places, but do not water them when they are dormant and protect the plants against frost.


4 Seeds 

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