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Agathis Australis - Kauri - Largest New Zealand Tree - Ancient Jurassic Tree - Vulnerable - 2 Rare Seeds

Agathis australis, commonly known by its Māori name kauri . found north of 38°S in the northern regions of New Zealand's North Island. It is the largest tree in New Zealand, standing up to 50 m tall in the emergent layer above the forest's main canopy. The tree has smooth bark and small narrow leaves. Kauri forests are among the most ancient in the world. The antecedents of the kauri appeared during the Jurassic period (between 190 and 135 million years ago). Although the kauri is among the most ancient trees in the world, it has developed a unique niche in the forest. With its novel soil interaction and regeneration pattern it can compete with the more recently evolved and faster growing angiosperms. Listed as Nationally Vulnerable in New Zealand Threat Classification System
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