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Alluaudia Procera - Madagascar Ocotillo - Spiny Succulent Plant - 10 Seeds

Alluaudia procera, or Madagascar ocotillo, is a deciduous succulent plant species of the family Didiereaceae.
It is endemic to south Madagascar.

This plant is a spiny succulent shrub, with thick water-storing stems and leaves that are deciduous in the long dry season.
Young alluaudias form a tangle of stems that last for several years, after which a strong central stem develops.
The basal stems then die out, leaving a tree-like stem that branches higher up on the main trunk.

Researchers haven't figured out where the family Didiereaceae originates. However, the nearest relative of the Didiereaceae, Calyptrotheca somalensis, is endemic to East Africa, from which the island of Madagascar separated 100 million years ago.
Thus, the Didiereaceae may have originated from the dispersal to Madagascar of a Calyptrotheca-like East African ancestor.
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