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Aloe Chabaudii

A clump-forming aloe with narrow grey leaves. The pink to coral red flowers are borne in mid- to late winter on much branched inflorescences. Aloe chabaudii is a perennial rosette forming succulent up to 40-60 cm tall that offsets freely to form extensive groups in suitable habitat. It is a robust fast growing aloe with very showy flowers in winter. Perennial herb, suckering to form extensive groups in suitable habitat. Leaves grey-green, often flushed with pink. the inflorescence normally a many branched panicle, 50 - 100 cm, with up to 15 racemes of coral-pink, tubular flowers. Dwala Aloe is an easy-to-grow, clustering perennial succulent that forms large colonies of turquoise green rosettes. The leaf margins have small teeth and in full sun the tapering leaves take on a pinkish hue. Young plants may have white spots on the leaves which disappear at maturity. Flowering occurs mainly in winter and is a showy, prolific display of orange-red flowers held in branched racemes. Individual flowers are tubular and sought after by nectar loving birds and insects. Out of bloom, this aloe can be mistaken for the similar appearing Aloe globulogemma. This plant originates in a summer rainfall area and appreciates additional water in summer. It easily survives on rainfall alone in winter.


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