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Amorphophallus Bulbifer Sprout Bulb

Amorphophallus is a large genus of some 200 tropical and subtropical tuberous herbaceous plants from the Arum family.
Amorphophallus bulbifer, the Voodoo Lily, is a perennial tropical Aroid native to India and the Himalayas.
This plant is one of the prettiest among its kind and the inflorescence has a less strong smell than the other amorphophallus.
It can grow up to 4 feet tall.
One of the easiest Amorphophallus to grow .
This plant produces a single inflorescence followed by a solitary leaf.
In spring a mature tuber will first produce the unusual pink and white flower with green lines.
its pink spathe is very attractive and extremly exotic.
The flower lasts only about 5 days.
The bad smell that accompanies the flower only lasts for a couple of hours.
The flowers are monoecious, individual flowers are either male or female, but both sexes can be found on the same plant.
Hardiness zone 10, (1°C/35°F)
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