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Anacampseros Papyracea Avonia ~ Exotic Succulent ~ Rare Cactus ~10 Fresh Seeds

Anacampseros is a genus consisting of a number of species of small perennial succulent plants, native to South Africa with one species from Australia. The botanical name Anacampseros is an ancient one for herbs supposed to restore lost love. This species is the most common, largest and stoutest of theAvonia group . These unusual, plants have relatively large diameter stems (5-6 mm) compared with other members of the genus and develop a mass of miniature branching erect or creeping stems (Maximum size 5-10 (15) cm long). When grown from seed, produces branches from the top of tuber-like roots pulled down into the ground. It has minute green leaves which are each protected and hidden by very closely imbricated and pure white, papery stipule, a characteristic of the Avonia genus. This bright white scales certainly reflect a large fraction of the visible solar radiation contributing to protect the plants from the blazing sun of their bare habitat. The flowers are very small whitish-green and solitary, they last less than an hour, and are so unobtrusively that it is very difficult to recognized them as flower.

10 Seeds

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