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Androlepis Skinneri ~ Stunning Tropical Bromeliad ~ Very Rare 5 Seeds ~

This is a true zero maintenance landscape plant! A delightful species bromeliad that clumps quickly into a great specimen plant. Native to from Mexico and Belize in Central America. Popular as an ornamental plant; it is widely grown for its beautiful foliage and nice flowers. The inflorescence is branched and slightly arched, the bracts are pale and the flowers have bright yellow petals. Sometimes a challenge to grow from seeds but they make an excellent plant that is easily cared for. A bromeliad is an epiphyte - they feed through their leaves and not their roots. Mist the leaves once or twice weekly and they stay happy. Makes great companion plants to grow with orchids. Like orchids, they can be attached to almost anything except chemically treated wood. They are drought-tolerant and suitable for xeriscaping. They like light, but not direct sun. Kept happy, they will bloom all year. It's beautiful in the landscape or potted. This is one of the few Bromelioideae species that is dioecious. The Androlepis Skinneri is a species and has a genus all it's own. It's beautiful in the landscape or potted. It can attain a wide range of colors including all red if exposed to sun. It's a staple in the landscaping industry because of it's beauty, sun and drought tolerance. The bloom is an incredible flower spike of white berries.

5 Seeds

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