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Armenian Cucumber

The Armenian cucumber,( Cucumis melo ) is a type of long melon . with is slender fruit which tastes like a cucumber and looks somewhat like a cucumber inside, It is actually a variety of muskmelon (C. melo), a species closely related to the cucumber (C. sativus). It is also known as the yard-long cucumber, snake cucumber or snake melon. The skin is very thin, light green, and bumpless. It has no bitterness and the fruit is almost always used without peeling. The Armenian cucumber grows approximately 30 to 36 inches long. It grows equally well on the ground or on a trellis. Armenian cucumber plants prefer to grow in full sun for most of the day. The fruit is most flavorful when it is 12-15 inches long. Pickled Armenian cucumber is sold in Middle Eastern markets as "Pickled Wild Cucumber". The Armenian cucumber will add great flavor and unique look to your salads. Fast Growing / 55-80 Days.

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