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Arthrocereus Rondonianus

Arthrocereus rondonianus is common in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais and in southem Bahia. it is a small cereoid cactus with colourful, scented, nocturnal flowers. it grow About 900-1100 metres above sea level. It is unusual among night-bloomers cacti for its pink flowers. It makes groups of stems in rocky places, sometimes under trees, often growing with large plants of Discocactus placentiformis. In some population it crawls across the soil like snakes, often beneath accumulations of dry litter. It is threatened by habitat loss. Flowers are Large, mostly near the tips on the sides of the terminal joints, purplish-pink, up to 8 cm long and pleasantly scented, a character associated with moth-pollination. Tubes long, thin, with fuzzy wool and hair-like spines.

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