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Astroloba Foliosa

 Astrolobas are clump forming, Haworthia-like perennial succulents native to South Africa. The triangular leaves are spirally arranged around the stems. This species will reach 25 cm tall. The underside of the leaves have many small tubercles. The plants bloom in spring. The greenish-white flowers are in spike-like racemes. Flowers resemble Haworthia flowers. These are very easy plants to grow and should be in every succulent collection. Astroloba foliolosa is a small succulent plant of the genus Astroloba widespread in the arid parts of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Astroloba foliolosa has slender stems (4–5 cm wide), which can grow over 20 cm in height and sprawl over the ground. The stems are densely covered in rounded triangular leaves, which grow in 5 ranks and sometimes form a rough spiral. The smooth, glossy, grey-green leaves curve outwards, sometimes almost at a 90 degree angle to the stem. The leaves have keels and margins, with a flat or convex upper face. This species produces cream-white flowers in the rainy season (July to March depending on region), tinged with green or yellow. PLANT TYPE Perennial Cactus / Succulent SIZE H: 6"-12" W: 12"-18" ZONES 9b-11

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