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Drosera Glanduligera * Australian Carnivorous * Very Rare Plant * 5 Seeds *

Drosera glanduligera is a subtropical found in South Western and South Eastern Australia and Tasmania. It can be quite abundant in certain locations. It produces tiny, flat and hairy golden-green rosettes up to 3 cm in diameter. In August to October, multiple short, only 12 cm tall, glandular scapes are produced. Flowers late Winter to late Spring, which are orange to red in colour. This species produces an extremely large number of seeds. The leaves of this plant are covered with glandular hairs like any other sundews. The leaves are short and spoon-shaped. The visiting insects are attracted to the leaves by the glistening tips of the hairs. Once caught the insect is digested by the sticky digestive fluid poured out by the plant. This unique way of obtaining nitrogenous food enables these plants to live in soils poor in available nitrogen . Drosera glanduligera is a Winter growing annual. This species germinate, grow and flower in the rainy season, Fall and Winter. Drosera glanduligera does not go dormant in the wild, but sometimes slows down in the hot and dry Summer of Australia. Can live for years if you remove flower stalks as soon as they appear, and keep watering. Hardiness zone 10, (4°C/40°F) in Winter. Must be grown in the shade, and must be protected from direct sun. Temperatures should be kept below 22°C / 71°F by days, and nights around 10°C /50°F

10 Seeds

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