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Begonia Coccinea

10 TINY SEEDS OF BEGONIA COCCINEA Begonia coccinea plants occur primarily in Central and South America growing in shady and humid spots of Atlantic forest. They are popularly grown as ornamentals because of their beautifully shaped and colourful foliage and flowers. Begonia coccinea has only a few bamboo-like stems up to 1m (3 feet) tall. Leathery, obliquely oblong to ovate leaves are 10-15cm (4-6 inch) long and 5-8cm (2-3 inch) wide with slightly toothed, undulate edges. Leaf surface is grass green tinged at the edges with red above and dull red bellow. The leaves are arranged asymmetrical on stems. Begonia coccinea, with its thick, jointed stems, is an popular fibrous rooted begonia. The flowers are irregular, unisexuate and in axillary, pendulous cymes with red peduncles. The male flowers have 2 large, pink tepals and 2 small tepals in opposite pairs at right angles to each other. There are numerous stamens with short filaments and yellow anthers. The female flowers have 5 pink tepals of unequal sizes attaches above the inferior ovary. The ovary is three-winged and dark pink with 3 styles and a golden yellow, convoluted stigma. The 1cm (0.4 inch) wide, waxy, coral red flowers appear in large, drooping clusters on red stalks from early summer to mid-autumn. The fruit is a triangular capsule, up to 8cm (3 inch) long and three winged. Although Begonia coccinea are herbaceous evergreen perennials, they are susceptible to frost and many cultivars planted in temperate areas are treated as annuals. They are easy to grow, both outdoors and in containers. Angel Wing Begonia Plant name is coming from its large leaves that are shaped like the wings of an angel and is the common name of a number of Begonia species. USDA Zone: 11-12

10 Tiny Seeds

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