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Bixa Orellana

 The Bixa Orellana is a tree from tropical America regions. It is also called urucum, annatto, or achiote. This fruit is known for its colorants: the oréline and bixin. This shrub can reach 6 to 8 m height. The fruits are red capsules surrounded by soft spines clusters. Ripe 90 days after flowering, they are harvested after the opening of at least two capsules. The fruit is not edible. After harvest, it is dried in order to remove the wax that surrounds its seeds. The Bixa Orellana contains vitamin E. In addition, it contains a lot of selenium, magnesium and calcium. Use in cooking: The Bixa Orellana is used as a food additive for coloring cheese. It used to color food oils, and for the preparation of Mexican sauces. They are believed to protect the liver and reduce cholesterol. Hardiness zone: 10-11

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