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Blood Red Spring Onion - Allium Cepa - High Vitamin C - Fast Growing - 20 Seeds

Gorgeous burgundy-red bulbs with a topknot of deep green which look fabulous on the plot or as edging to a flower or herb bed. Despite the high-class looks it's very easy to grow, and versatile too: harvest the bulbs young as slender, mild spring onions for brightening up your salads, or give them more space to bulb up for cooking. A good source of vitamin C. Pick them young for use in salads or leave to mature for larger bulbs. The rich red colour intensifies as the onion matures. High in vitamin C. Harvest - 8-12 weeks from planting when young and tender. Sweet onion that can be harvested young as a bunching onion or thinned and left to mature into a small bulbing onion. The base stem is an intense beautiful red with a mild salad onion flavor.

20 Seeds

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