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Bolivicereus Cleistocactus Samaipatanus * Very Rare * Amazing Cactus * 10 Seeds

Cleistocactus Samaipatanus is Native to Bolivia. it is a long, narrow, columnar cactus, lime green in color, with 14 – 17 ribs and stiff pale gold spines, up to 1.2 inches long. It plants shrubby, branching basally with several upright stems, up to 5 feet long and up to 2 inches in diameter, forming open bushes up to 5 feet wide. The brilliant red to pink flowers are up to 2 inches long and up to 1 inch in diameter. The fruits are small, spherical, and reddish with dense white and brown wool, up to 0.4 inch long and wide.

10 Seeds

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