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Brachystelma Circinatum (ID374)

Brachystelma circinatum is a fascinating and rare species of flowering plant in the Apocynaceae family, found primarily in South Africa. It is part of the diverse and intriguing genus Brachystelma, known for its unusual and often intricate flowers.

This small, tuberous perennial has a low-growing habit with slender, twining stems. The leaves are typically narrow and elongated. One of the most notable features of Brachystelma circinatum is its unique flowers, which have a star-like shape or a butterfly shape  and a complex structure, often displaying shades of yellow, green, or brown. The flowers emit a subtle, sometimes unpleasant odor to attract specific pollinators, similar to other members of the genus.

Brachystelma circinatum thrives in well-drained soils and semi-arid environments, making it well-suited to its native habitat. This plant is a remarkable example of the diverse and specialized flora of South Africa.

 this one is probably on of the rarest you can find in our store 

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