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Campanula Vidalii

Azorina vidalii (Azores Bellflower) - Azorina vidalii is a small upright semi-succulent branching subshrub that grows to 18 inches tall by an almost equal width with a candelabra form. It develops woody stems and branches in whorls bearing crowded shiny glossy-green spathulate leaves in clusters toward the branch tips - older leaves drop off to expose succulent lower stems. In mid-summer the plant is topped with 1 to 2 foot long panicles of 1 inch long, nodding bell-shaped flowers, which are a beautiful shell-pink color and have with a thick waxy texture. Plant in full coastal sun to medium shade in a well-drained soil and water regularly to only occasionally. Does not like overly humid conditions or wet heavy soils - great for dry shade. Often listed as very tender but can tolerate short-duration temperatures below freezing. Azorina vidalii is short lived as flowering stems die but sets abundant seed and can persist in gardens by reseeding - plants begin flowering their third year from seed. This plant, previously known as Campanula vidalii, was discovered on a rock off the east coast of Flores Island in the Azores in 1842 by a Captain Vidal and named to honor the location and its discoverer. It is a superb shrubby perennial for growing in the cool house, with thick, fleshy leaves and elegant racemes of beautiful, pink, large, drooping, wax-like, bell-shaped flowers with an orange eye in summer.

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