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Canarina Canariensis * Canary Islands Bell Flower * Beautiful Rare * 5 Seeds *

Canarina canariensis is a plant in the Campanulaceae family endemic to the Canary Islands off the North African Atlantic coast, with a desert-like sunny climate year-round. In this moist, cool but absolutely frost-free environment grows this stunning plant. First introduced into Europe in 1696, this is a beautiful plant for the cool greenhouse, scrambling, rather than climbing, its way up to 10 ft. The annual vegetation starts in August, with tiny purple shoots at first that elongate quickly during autumn and winter, and form a big mass of scrambling, branching stems often more than 2 m/6 feet long with a flower at each tip. This is a beautiful vine with bluish green attractive arrow-shaped, glaucous leaves, and bearing superbly beautiful, large, bell-shaped flowers, approximately 7cm/3 in long and 5cm/2 in wide.

5 Seeds

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