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Capsicum Annuum - Vezena Piperka Chile Plants - Embroidered Pepper - 10 Seeds - Fresh

Vezena Piperka-(Capsicum annuum)-The Vezena Piperka is an Heirloom from Macedonia in Eastern Europe.
They have the appearance of having thread embroidered on the skin hence the nickname Embroidered pepper.
The Vezena Piperka chile is about 1/2 inch in diameter close to the stem cap and tapers down to a point.
They can produce peppers almost a foot long! The flavor of the Vezena Piperka pepper is very sweet with a Jalapeno heat level.
They are used in many dishes and sauces but also dried to make a sweet Paprika powder.
The Vezena Piperka chile plants grow between 2-3 feet tall.
Fresh Seeds
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