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Cereus Aethiops ~ Amazing Edible Fruit ~ Cacti Succulent Shrub ~ Rare 10 Seeds

Cereus aethiops is a shrubby, erect, more or less columnar cactus, sometimes prostrate, usually much branched from the base, to 2 m high, 1.5 m wide, with blue waxy coating on young stems and peculiar black spines. It is one of the few true Cereus which will flower when small (on 50 cm tall plants ), the night-blooming flowers are fragrant, white to pale pink, to 20 cm long. The epithet comes from the Greek and means "burn, black" and refers to the black spines. Stems are dark bluish green to purplish, 1 to 2 meters high, 2-4(-7.5) cm in diameter branching rarely above; joints 3 dm long or more, somewhat tapering toward the apex; ribs 5 or 8, low, somewhat tuberculate, obtuse or rounded, separated by acute intervals. Flowers are long, funnel-shaped, slightly scaly, up to 22 cm. long, with a limb 12 cm in diameter; outer perianth-segments linear-lanceolate, purple or rose-colored, bluish green in the outside; inner perianth-segments white; filaments and style included, the former attached all along the inner surface of the long tube. Fruits are Prune-shaped, more or less brownish-red to purplish when mature, truncate at apex, with a thick rind, smooth, somewhat glaucous, 4-6 cm long. Seeds are black. Cereus aethiops is a slow growing cactus kept for the beauty of its form and flowers. It is a summer grower species. Easy to cultivate but somewhat rot prone if kept in a non ventilated place, especially after planting. Recommended Temperature Zone: USDA: 9b-11
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