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Citrus Aurantifolia * Key Lime * Tropical Bonsai Plant * 5 Fresh Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF CITRUS AURANTIFOLIA Small lime, ripening to yellow but often used while green. The Mexican or key lime is probably the best citrus for tropical areas, and while cold tender, can be grown in areas that receive brief frosts. Has a unique aromatic lime flavor. The Key Lime tends to be more aromatic in flavor and scent than other limes. Flavor is excellent and is used to make Key Lime Pie. It is small tree, generally to 10-20ft. Fruits ripen about 5-6 months following flowering. In California, flowers are produced during spring-summer. The Key Lime is more cold sensitive than most of its relatives, and tends to be injured or killed with temperatures below 32F. It isn't too picky about soils and adapts fairly well to sandy soils. Keep trees well drained, extensive periods of flooding can kill the tree. Grow in full sun, trees need quite a bit of heat to set quality fruit. Fruits are commonly used in beverages and as an ingredient in desserts (Key Lime Pie for example). This tree has ovate leaves/foliage with an orange colour. Soil Conditions - Sandy , Well drained , MoistAcidic , Alkaline. The tree grows well in sandy, well-drained soil in a sunny position. Do not overwater as the tree will die when is exposed to too much water. Key lime bear flowers that is white to yellowish with a ourole tinge on the margins most of the year.
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