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Codonopsis Vinciflora ~ Blue Bonnet Bellflower ~ Stunning Perennial RARE 20 Seeds ~

A lovely plant for a sheltered spot in the rockery is this semi-climbing species with blue, Periwinkle-like flowers in summer. This attractive climbing/scrambling plant will cover a small shrub in the rockery or peat garden with bright blue, flared, Periwinkle-like flowers in summer. It is also utterly hardy and perennial making deep tubers. Prefers a sandy or gritty loam based soil in full or partial sun. May be grown as a climber if trained to supports. Will scramble over other shrubs. Requires little attention. Cut back in autumn. A refined version of C. convolvulacea and equally beautiful. It is a climber of delicate appearance with thin-textured, rather long-stalked leaves, strongly toothed on the margins. Codonopsis are curious things. These are herbaceous vining relatives of Campanula or Bellflowers and seem an unlikely expression of such. From an almost bulbous root arises several tendril shoots which love to twine into surrounding shrubs from which to display their 2" dusky lavender star shaped flowers. Usually the foliage carries a musky scent but true confessions, we can't remember if this species does writing this as we are in the middle of winter. An unlikely armature for such improbable and lovely flowers.
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