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Cuchipa Ismaynin Potato - 10 Seeds - TPS True Potato Seeds - Rare

Uncover the charm of Cuchipa Ismaynin, a distinguished Peruvian heirloom potato that carries a rich tapestry of flavors and visual appeal.

This unique potato variety showcases a captivating purple skin and partially purple flesh, adding a burst of color to your culinary palette.

In your exploration of unique potato varieties, you'll find that Cuchipa Ismaynin and Chiquilla Pitiquiña share remarkable similarities. These varieties, each with its own unique attributes, provide an exciting opportunity to diversify your potato garden and culinary adventures.

For more details on Cuchipa Ismaynin and its counterpart, Chiquilla Pitiquiña, delve into the diverse world of potato varieties and the exciting possibilities they bring to your garden and kitchen. Happy cultivating!

10 Seeds
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