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Cucumber Spacemaster Bush * 35 Seeds * Organic Easy Growing * Compact For Container *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 35 SEEDS OF SPACEMASTER BUSH CUCUMBER Dwarf cucumber that is perfect for those small spaces and even containers! Vines grow to just 36" and yield elongated, blocky fruits that can grow to 8". Vines have a bushy growing habit and even look at home in hanging baskets. Fruits have a classic and tasty cucumber flavor. Cucumber seeds are usually pretty easy to germinate, though an occasional variety may take longer than others. Seeds enjoy warm germination temperatures, so be sure to plant when adequate heat is available to warm the soil. This compact cucumber is ideal for containers or hanging baskets. Its short, hardy vines produce slender, dark green fruits 7 1/2" long. It's prolific and great in salads or plain. Grows well in a container, crisp, fast-forming, sweet, thin-skinned, pretty snacking cukes. After the last frost when the soil has thoroughly warmed, plant seeds in soil enriched with compost or rotted manure. Seedlings can be started indoors in 3-inch peat pots, 4 weeks before transplanting. Use plastic mulch in cool climates to retain heat in the soil. Fertilize monthly beside each plant. Water regularly. To harvest, pick when cucumbers are 6 to 8 inches long. Pick regularly so cucumbers will continue to form. Yellow cucumbers are over-mature and should be discarded.
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