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Cynara Cardunculus Scolymus * Violetta Di Chioggia Purple Artichoke * RARE 5 Seeds

Artichokes or "chokes" as they are commonly called, are a member of the thistle family native to the Mediterranean. It has also been a favorite of aristocrats and affluent members of society. The Artichokes we eat are the immature flower bud of the plant which is called the "heart". Usually steamed, they can also be eaten raw or cooked. The heart, or center of the bud, is eaten along with small, tender outer leaves. The stem is also edible and best cut an inch or so below the bud. Artichokes are worth the bother because they are so powerful in their ability to fight cholesterol, maintain digestive health, protect the liver, and as cancer protectants and fighters, especially for prostate, breast and leukemia. Artichokes are high in fiber, low in calories, and contain folate, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin C. Violetta Di Chioggia Is A Italian Purple Variety , One of the uncommon purple artichokes having a deep purple color on pointed heads. Great flavor and exotic color. 85 days.
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