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Cyphostemma Juttae * Namibian Grape * Stunning Succulent Grape * Rare 3 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF CYPHOSTEMMA JUTTAE Bizarre grape relative, a succulent native to Namibia. The tree grape is slow-growing and shows caudiciform growth (swollen trunk). Clusters of poisonous red fruits are borne during warm months and look like grapes. This is a very striking and popular plant for the home garden, both for its strange appearance and its extreme heat and drought tolerance. Succulent-like plant growing to usually six feet tall. Enjoys a subtropical, arid climate. Water sparingly, especially when not in a growth stage. Hardy to around 28-30F. Popular as an ornamental. The tree grape is a slow-growing succulent with a huge swollen trunk (caudiciform). Due to its distribution, the wild grape has evolved and adapted very well in order to survive. The presence of white, drooping, papery pieces of bark on the yellow-green stems is very typical of this species. In summer, this helps to reflect away the sunlight in order to keep the plant cool. The thick, fleshy stem and leaves act as water reservoirs in times of drought. A fully-grown plant can measure up to 2 m. The leaves are large, shiny, ovate, fleshy and toothed and fall off during the winter months.
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