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Dahlia Campanulata - Weeping Tree Dahlia - Lavender Flower - 5 Seeds

5 SEEDS Dahlia campanulata is native to the Oaxaca region of Mexico. They have the largest and largest petals of their species and can reach a height of 45 centimeters in height. This plant particularly likes exposure to the sun even if it remains very fragile. Pendulous bell-shaped, golden-eyed, pale lavender flowers, up to 6 inches or 15 cm. across, hang from the enormous blooming panicle that can reach one metre across. Surely the rarest and grandest of all Dahlias, and seldom seen in gardens, it was only recently discovered in cool cloud forest at high elevations, (around 2000 m.) in Oaxaca, Mexico, where it is accustomed to cool days and not-too-cold nights. This gorgeous, statuesque, deciduous perennial tree dahlia, with towering height and bamboo-like stems can grow up to 3 m tall. It is late-flowering, from September onwards (in the northern hemisphere), bud formation being initiated by shorter day length. It will prefer a sheltered spot in cold areas, or alternatively it can make the most impressive greenhouse or conservatory plant you will ever see! After blooming, the plant may be cut down all the way to the ground as the stems die away Hardiness Zones ; 9a 9b 10a 10b 11a 11b
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