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Daubenya Zeyheri * Western Cape * Amazing Jewel Of The Desert * 3 Rare Seeds *

3 seeds
Daubenya is a genus of bulbous flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae.

It is native to the Cape Province of South Africa.

Daubenya zeyheri is from calcareous-coastal sands in the South Western Cape.

It has glossy green leaves and flowers with white petals and showy red-orange filaments.

That much alone makes this an attractive plant when viewed from the side.

The wonderful surprise comes when you view it from above.

The bottoms of the stamens are coloured purple and this colour reflects in the copious nectar pools that gather in the flowers.

It looks like the flowers are filled with glowing amethysts.

the nectar attracts sunbirds who pollinate it.

This plant can truly be described as a jewel of the desert!
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