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Daucus Carota ~ Red Samurai Carrot ~ Sweet Unique Flavor ~ Easy Growing ~ Rare 20 Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 10 SEEDS OF RED SAMURAI CARROT A rare variety of red carrot, with deep orange-red roots. Roots have a wonderful sweet flavor and a unique look---long and tapered, appearing almost like tentacles when bunched together. Retains color when cooked, roots grow to 11". Its bold, sweet flavor synchronizes flawlessly with the crisp, bright, rosy flesh. Red Samurai adds panache to salads. And it contains plenty of lycopene - the healthy antioxidant that gives tomatoes their red colour. Can be sown under cloches from March onwards and outside from April to July for later cropping. Sow in narrow drills 2cm deep and 12cm apart. Sow the seed thinly to avoid too much thinning out later. Cover the seeds with fine soil very gently tamping it down later. Water with a fine spray if the conditions are dry.
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