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Deppea Splendens * Csapodya splendens * Stunning Elegant Almost Extinct * Rare 3 Seeds *

This extremely rare legendary evergreen from the south america is possibly extinct in the wild. Grown now only in the collection of a few top-quality gardens/private collectors, this relative of the coffee bean is beautiful with or without blooms. It forms a tall handsome shrub that blooms from fall onwards till spring here in California. The elegant, long, dangling, flowers are large, orangy-yellow trumpets with a fat, contrarsty bright red calyx. If well grown, the plant can be very prolific in its flowering , and is simply stunning. Even without blooms, it is wonderfully tropical looking with its huge, ribbed leaves. Hardy from zone 10 onwards. 6 feet tall and wide. Dappled shade. High Humidity. Rich, slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soil.
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