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Dilatris Pillansii * Extremely Rare * Easiest Dilatris To Grow * 3 Seeds * Limited

Dilatris is an evergreen genus in the Haemodoraceae family growing from a short red rhizome. The four species are endemic to the Cape Floral region of South Africa with most species found in the south western portion on rocky sandstone slopes. Dilatris Pillansii is perennial that can grow up to 18" in height and width with fans of deep green, narrow 8" leaves tinged orange toward the base. The long lasting, intricately branched inflorescences are produced freely and each bears hundreds of fuzzy, mauve flowers about an inch across. As the flowers age they may develop a soft orange tinge. It flowers best after a fire. They grow best with year round water and acidic sandy soil. This is the easiest species to germinate and grow. Individual plants will eventually bear many inflorescences. Treat seeds with smoke extract (included). Pictures credit: Cameron McMaster & Christine Wakfer and the Fernkloof Nature Reserve
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