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Diospyros Cathayensis * Cathay Persimmon * Bonsai Tree * Rare * 5 Fresh Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF DIOSPYROS CATHAYENSIS A relatively rare, subtropical persimmon, native to China. Bears small, yellow to orange colored fruits that are said to be edible. The species is quite ornamental when in fruit. Also popularly used in bonsai. Has some similarities to D. rhombifolia. Small to medium sized tree up to 10 m / 32 ft. Hardy to some frost, down to zone 7b. Does well in warm, subtropical areas. Diospyros cathayensis is a rare tree, In North Carolina it is faster-growing, an accession from 1996 being 4 m when seen in 2006. This is a rather bushy tree, but has a central main stem that should form a respectable trunk in due course. The ascending branches covered in glossy dark green foliage are attractive, and when in fruit the orange globes are extremely ornamental. Diospyros cathayensis evidently has a lot of potential as an ornamental, winter-fruiting evergreen for the warmer parts.
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