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Drosera Admirabilis * Sub Tropical South African Sundew * Carnivorous * 10 Seeds *

10 TINY SEEDS DROSERA ADMIRABILIS This South African plant is similar in appearence to Drosera aliciae, but differs in that is smaller, about 2 cm and is overall more compact. Drosera admirabilis is a pretty compact rosette Sundew, easy to grow. The coloration is vivid with the tentacles being a dark red and the leaves a vibrant green. The leaves curl around any captured prey like a fist. Very free flowering with pale pink flowers produced from May to September. It 's an insectivorous plant, it can survive in nitrogen poor soils because it gets the nutrients it needs from insects. The upper surfaces of leaves are covered with hairs that secrete a sweet sticky substance. This attracts insects, which become smeared with it and unable to escape. The plant then exudes a digestive fluid that enables it to absorb most of the insect into its system. Hardiness zones 9, (-5°C/25°F) in Winter. They should be grown in bright light, but with protection from full midday sun. In cloudy coastal areas, artificial light is preferable. If the plant gets enough light, it will produce very nice red rosettes. Temperatures should be kept between 20°C/30°C, 68°F/85°F. The plant does not have a dormancy period. They grow well in a standard peat moss/sand which can be anything from 50% to 70% peat moss. The humidity should be between 60-80%. There's no need to fertilize, as the plant relies on insects for food. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings. Water must be distilled or rain water because they do not tolerate city or hard water. It is a good idea to place a pie pan or large saucer, with about an inch of water in it, under the pot. Elevate the pot by placing pebbles under it so that the base of the pot is barely in contact with the water, not submerged; the growing medium must stay moist, but never soggy. This will keep the humidity around the plant higher and it will ensure that the plant has a constant source of moisture.
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