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Drosera Broomensis Carnivorous Very Rare Plant 5 seeds Woolly Sundew Petiolaris

5 Seeds

The Drosera Broomensis are found on the Northern shores of Taylor's lagoon, east of Broome, Kimberley, and Western Australia. Always in bloom with stunning orange flowers! The central parts of this plant are fuzzy white with dendritic hairs . Drosera Broomensis is the only member of this group without hairs on its stem and inflorescence. The numerous leaves, with their narrow petioles in the middle of the rosette, are not very hairy during the wet season. On the other hand, during the dry season, the hair cover increases and when the plant goes completely dormant, its leaves are replaced by a small compact cluster of hairs . Hardiness Zones: 9 (-5c/25f). Attention : very small seeds!

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