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Drosera Chrysolepis ~ Stunning Sundew ~ Carnivorous Plant ~ Rare ~ 5 Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF DROSERA CHRYSOLEPIS Native to bogs and other damp acidic habitats worldwide, sundews are distinguished by their hairy, insect-trapping leaves, which typically occur in basal rosettes. Most of the approximately 100 sundew species are perennials or annuals; many are evergreen. The linear to rounded, typically long-stalked leaves of these hardy to tender herbs are topped with stout, red or purple hairs, each bearing a drop of dew-like resin at the tip. The hairs snare and digest small insects. The light green to deep red leaves are usually configured in ground-hugging rosettes that arise from underground rhizomes or tubers. A few sundews have a vining habit. Many deciduous sundews die back to a winter rosette of plump leaf buds known as a hibernaculum. Most sundews bloom in summer, bearing small white, pink, red, or purple flowers either singly or in elongated, often one-sided clusters. Small fruit capsules follow, with self-sowing often occurring. These wetland natives need ample light and damp, acidic, relatively infertile soil. Grow sundews in a 50/50 sand/peat mix in a container whose base is immersed in water, or plant them in the garden in a moist peat bed. Tender sundews can be overwintered in a cool sunny indoor location. It needs fresh around the roots and in summer it can not stand the stagnation of water. It is imperative to use artificial winter lights to avoid rot. Also ensure good ventilation. Substrate: dry sphagnum + white quartz sand for the seedlings - peat and sand for adult plants.
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