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Drosera Cuneifolia ~ Peninsula Sundew ~ Perennial Carnivorous Plant ~ 10 Seeds ~

Drosera cuneifolia is a perennial carnivorous plant. The basal rosette is loosely clumped and formed by quite broad, wedge-shaped leaves, 20-40 mm long and 10-15 mm wide. The leaves are greenish with 3-5 veins, and the lower leaf surface is almost smooth. Both marginal and discal tentacles are present. The dense marginal tentacles are longer while the rest are shorter, red and knob-ended. The plants have a few, fairly long roots. The flowering stalk is leafless, rarely branched and erect, originating from the centre of the rosette, 100-200 mm long and bears multiple pink to mauve flowers. The petals are 10-15 mm long. The styles are spoon-shaped. Flowering time: November to January. Black spindle-shaped seeds are formed in a capsule and released a few weeks after flowering. Drosera cuneifolia is endemic to South Africa and restricted to the Table Mountain complex in the Western Cape. Plant colonies can usually be found in damp, peaty areas in seeps or exposed flat and sandy areas amongst fynbos vegetation at altitudes up to 915 m. Droseras make fascinating house and conservatory plants around the world, but are better suited to being grown outdoors. However, keep them under a roof if you wish to retain their vivid red colouration. Plants can be brought indoors for short periods for display. Drosera cuneifolia is a hardy winter-growing carnivorous plant, but not necessarily the easiest for novices.
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