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Drosera Derbyensis - Octopus Plant Petiolaris-Complex Carnivorous Very RARE 5 seeds - Tiny seeds Limited !

Attention : 5 very small seeds
Drosera Derbyensis belongs to the woolly sundew family.
Woolly sundews are native to areas of Australia where it is hot and humid in summer and hot and dry in winter.
Drosera Derbyensis is also called Octopus plant because it as so many leaves or arms.
In their natural environment, these plants die back in the dryer season, although in cultivation, they will keep growing if kept wet.
The numerous wooly erect stems, with a solitary terminal leafy yellow-orange rosette with pink gel hair around, emerge in the middle of the plant and as they get older they start to drop to the side. The flowers are born on a long stem above the leaves.
This plant blooms from March to June.
The little pink flowers are born on an inflorescence with woolly hairs.
This plant loves to grow in white sand.
rdiness zones: 11 (4c/40f) .
Depending on your climate, you may need to grow this plant sundew in a warm terrarium with strong fluorescent lights.
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