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Drosera Falconeri * Petiolaris Complex Sundew * Very Rare * 5 Seeds *

5 Seeds
Drosera falconeri is endemic to the Northern Territory in Australia. It is a tropical perennial plant with a rosette body plan.
Deciduous leaves lay flat against the soil. Leaves are usually smaller at anthesis (flowering), but increase as the growing season progresses.
The petiolaris complex group of sundews are some of the most interesting of genus.
Drosera falconeri may be the most beautiful and interesting of the group.
The plants are from the Northern Territory in Australia and prefer hot temperatures, lots of light and high humidity.
In their habitat they experience 6 months of dry dormancy and 6 months of wet growing season; however, It was found that if kept wet they will grow year around. It is recommended growing all petiolaris complex drosera in a mix of half peat to half perlite.
They should be kept warm (over 70 degrees) and the photoperiod should be kept at a constant 12-14 hours.
If exposed to a longer photoperiod, dormancy may be induced.
This Drosera is a sundew from the petiolaris Complex. Drosera falconeri is - unlike other Drosera from the petiolaris Complex - barely pubescent. It has a rosette of leaves, from which large red trap leaves grow. When exposed to sufficient light, these turn light pink to red.
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