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Drosera Lowriei Perennial Tuberous Carnivorous Plant 5 Seeds ** Very Rare **

Drosera lowriei is a tuberous Drosera growing in South Western Australia. It grows in sand, near a source of water. Drosera lowriei is a small plant, to 4 cm in diameter. It grows as a green rosette with maroon red margins and mid-veines. It produces white flowers that may be 5, 6 or 7-petalled. It's an insectivorous plant, it can survive in nitrogen poor soils because it gets the nutrients it needs from insects. The upper surfaces of leaves are covered with hairs that secrete a sweet sticky substance. This attracts insects, which become smeared with it and unable to escape. The plant then exudes a digestive fluid that enables it to absorb most of the insect into its system. Growth occurs during the Winter months. Once the plant starts to die back and enter dormancy the soil should be allowed to gradually dry out as the plant starts storing up energies in the tuber for the next season's growth. During the Summer months, reduce watering. Tuberous sundews can only be repotted when dormant, as the stem connecting the tuber to the soil surface is delicate. Hardiness zone : 9, (-5°C/25F) in Winter. The plants like sun. They should be grown in bright light, but with protection from full midday sun. In cloudy coastal areas, artificial light is preferable.
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