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Drosera Montana Tomentosa South American Carnivorous Subtropical Plant 10 Seeds Very Rare

Drosera montana is a subtropical, small carnivorous plant, about 2 inches, sometimes a little more. Drosera montana is from the Brazilian mountains and plateaus, and Venezuela. The greens leaves have red glandular hairs that make it look like entirely red from a distance. Leaves are slender and tapered. The bloom is red, long, with small pink flowers on the top. It blooms at late Winter or early Spring. Hardiness zone 10, (4°C/40°F) in Winter. Must be grown in the shade, and must be protected from direct sun. Temperatures should be kept below 22°C / 71°F by days, and nights around 10°C /50°F. It apreciates cold nights, but avoid frosts at all costs.
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