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Drosera Ordensis Carnivorous Very Rare Plant 5 seeds Woolly Sundew Petiolaris

Attention : 5 very small seeds Drosera Ordensis inhabits sandy soils near sandstone outcrops in the northeaster tip of Western Australia near Kununurra and Pago and in the neighboring region of the Northern Territory in Keep River National Park. Drosera Ordensis forms clumps witch can be up to 30 cm across, of stemless or nearly stemless rosettes. Each plant has numerous leaves, which, as typical for the complex, consist of a long, hairy petiole supporting a nearly round lamina. The lamina is densely studded with stalked mucilagenous glands, which serve to attract and trap arthropod prey, which is subsequently digested and absorbed by the plant as a source of nutrients. Drosera Ordensis flowers from December through April. The flowers form on a crowded raceme that will open one at a time. The five-petaled flowers can be pink to nearly white and are about 1.5 cm in diameter. Hardiness zones: 9(-5c/25f) This plant does not support frost . They need to be kept at a temperature of about 18-30 C. They need a lot of light and can be grown in a terrarium or a sunny greenhouse, heated in winter.
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