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Drosera Regia * South African King Sundew * Rare Carnivorous Plant * 3 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF DROSERA REGIA The king sundew, Drosera regia, has a very uncanny ability to wrap its leaves around captured insects. In some instances, a leaf will wrap around an insect so perfectly it looks like it wrapped itself into a knot! Some say that the king sundew gets its name from its spear-like leaves that form a crown of sorts. Others say that its name comes its size. This plant can be a bit of an enigma for some growers. We've found that it's not very tolerant of constant high temperatures. It definitely likes cool nights, like in its native habit in the coastal mountains of South Africa. It grows best in regions where night temperatures drop below 70°F at night. This plant is also a sub-tropical, which means it will tolerate freezing temperatures in winter. Our mother plants experience temperatures as low as 25°F during winter. The leaves will die back. In spring when the weather warms up, new growth emerges from the roots. This type of winter treatment, however, isn't at all necessary for this plant. It will be happy in a cool, sunny windowsill throughout winter. Drosera regia is an incredibly beautiful species. It grows large, long sword-shaped leaves (up to 70cm) which wrap multiple times around prey, surrounding it with dew secreting tentacles that are equally impressive in size. Originating from a single valley in South Africa, it is one of the most vulnerable Drosera species in the wild with only a few hundred individuals left. In its native habitat, D. regia has been known to capture large beetles, moths and butterflies. This plant can grow all year round provided warmer conditions are provided over winter. Otherwise, the plant will go dormant and resume growth in spring. Produces unusual unscented pink flowers. Drosera regia should be cultivated in 4:1 Sphagnum peat moss and perlite or pure long fibre Sphagnum moss. This plant needs regular insects or monthly fertilizing with 1/4 strength Seasol watered into the media to maintain plant health and vigorous growth.
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