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Drosera Whittakeri * Scented Sundew * Perennial Carnivorous Plant * 5 Rare Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF DROSERA WHITTAKERI Drosera whittakeri (Scented Sundew, Whittaker's Sundew) is a sundew that is native to South Australia. The Drosera Whittakeri on moist soils, usually in swamps. The plant has a natural beauty of its spathulate leaves arranged in a rosette. These can be green, orange-yellow or red and have a length of 10 to 15 mm and a width of 9 to 13 mm. Up to 20 white flowers are produced as a whole. The flowering period is from May to November in its natural range, but flowers may appear throughout the year. Drosera whittakeri is a species closely related to Drosera aberrans, Drosera schmutzii and Drosera praefolia. It is also often referred to as Drosera whittakeri ssp. whittakeri. Drosera whittakeri a rosetted species reaching up to 8 cm in diameter. It is the largest species in the whittakeri-complex. The colouration is variable and may range from green to bronze or red. Drosera whittakeri is more floriferous then the similar Drosera aberrans and several flowers may open at the same time for a single plant.
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