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Dudleya Brittonii ~ Giant Chalk Dudleya ~ Amazing Mexican Succulent ~ 5 Tiny Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 TINY SEEDS OF DUDLEYA BRITTONII The 'silver dollar plant' (Dudleya brittonii) is a solitary, succulent plant in which the stem terminates in a rosette of slender leaves densely covered with a white, waxy coating (farina). However plant may sometimes be found without its grey, waxy coating (farina), but these plants are not as popular. It makes neat, compact plants with juicy, spatulate leaves of a watery sea-green colour, covered by waxy bloom. Flower stems are bright red and very showy combined with the starry, pink-bracted yellow or orange flowers above. As the plants mature, the old dead leaves hang on and form a rough "tutu" on the main stem. It is the most common in cultivation, resembles a chalky gray echeveria (Dudleya pulverulenta), but Dudleya brittonii grows larger, eventually forming a solitary rosette 50 cm in diameter. Dudleya brittonii is native to Baja California, Mexico. This species grows on volcanic rock and other extremely porous soils on rocky cliffs, steep bluffs and canyons in coastal sage shrub and chaparral near the Pacific coast. The general climatic conditions consist of fairly wet winters and extremely dry summers. This can become a beautiful pot plant with pretty inflorescences with the right care.
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