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Duvalia Caespitosa - Stunning Creeping Stapelia - Extremely Rare - Limited - 3 Seeds

3 SEEDS This species is recognised by its flower, which is held on a short stalk from the lower part of the stem. Like all Duvalia species, the D.caespitosa flower has five radiating corolla lobes (petals) that each have their sides folded down longitudinally. However, the lobes of D. caespitosa flowers are tightly folded, and therefore appear thin and spike-like. They are matte or sometimes slightly glossy. In D. caespitosa, the raised annulus in the centre of the flower is also very prominent, and is hairless or only very faintly pubescent. The annulus is usually a dark red-brown, but is yellow and spotted around the edge of the corona disc. The central corona disc is usually a dull red-brown, but can sometimes be pale. It is smaller than the annulus, revealing the top of latter around its circumference.
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